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Carpet Moth & Carpet Beetle Control Kit 1
Carpet Moth & Carpet Beetle Control Kit 1Carpet Moth and Carpet Beetle Control Kit 1 is a combination...

Clothes Moth Control Kit 1
Clothes Moth Control Kit 1Clothes Moth Control Kit 1 is a combination of pest control ...

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Here's the opinion of our existing customers who have completed our customer satisfaction survey. Please note that a 7 = satisfactory; 10 = far exceeded expectation. We list ALL of our reviews here.
Customer Name Delivery Speed Quality Value Overall Rating Date
Brian, Enfield101010109 November  2016
Very very pleased with service and delivery
gary, stourport on severn101091015 October  2012
fast delivery,product is excellent and it works very quickly!no more carpet moths.
Carry, Lymington9109104 June  2015
Very helpful staff who answered my questions and made me feel they cared about their customers. I was impressed with high standard of customer service.
Gloria, Seaford91081026 May  2014
We can now rest easy knowing that your products have eradicated the problem and with your helpful leaflet hopefully it will be permanent.
J A, London9910923 May  2018
Becky, Manchester10981020 March  2020
Ordered for my mum, she`s happy with the quality of both products. Delivery was quick, thanks.
Jo, Rhos on Sea99996 January  2013
brian, worthing999914 May  2013
Used one application and have not seen a moth since....brilliant....
Brennan, Bromley99998 August  2013
Clynton R, Evesham1097102 June  2014
Excellent on-line experience. Would recommend.
Clynton R
LEONARD, EDINBURGH999920 July  2014
Great service.Exceptional fast delivery and goods as ordered.Thankyou.
Laura, Edinburgh999924 May  2016
products are great but I have started getting a lot of junk email since I bought them. Please do not sell my details to any other company - this is unexceptable
We do not give any customers names to any third party and we never chase customers for further business ourselves. Any junk emails are not associated with our company.
Kate, Eye999915 August  2017
Have used all my bombs but alas little critters still flying around my boiler room.
Paul, Blandford Forum999911 May  2018
postage was very expensive , but customer service was very good.
C A, Burwash, Etchingham999926 June  2018
Denise, LONDON10971030 May  2020
Armas, CLITHEROE999924 November  2020
Nicola, Carshalton Beeches99896 September  2012
I have had no sign of the infestation in any form for 3 days now.
Rod, Llanfyrnach99898 July  2013
Very happy. Rapid delivery. Product was good quality and worked well. Thanks.
alan, loughton998911 December  2017
Excellent moths went in a few days after being present for quite sometime.
Louise, Princes Risborough998919 May  2020
When you have an outbreak of carpet moths you are rather desperate to solve it. Both times the order came the next day. Brilliant!
Jane, Okehampton998915 September  2020
Gillian, Oxford997910 August  2012
Joy, Crowborough997923 September  2015
Very useful product, good delivery service, although thought it a bit expensive for a dust dispenser.
Dave, Brighton997918 May  2019
Terence, Forest Gate799914 April  2020
Arrived an hour ago after postal delay. Have caught 4 moths already!!!!! Easy to use.
JENNIFER, LONDON789102 December  2020
Unfortunately the goods arrived damaged. I have not used the item as yet. The customer service was excellent, fast delivery and refund for damaged item, although, not the fault of stop moths. Thank you.
ZoŽ, London987928 March  2011
Everything I wanted was available, and then with speedy delivery. I`ve already killed loads of moths in the last 2 days - hurrah! There is hope for my clothes after all!
Robert, Tewkesbury,98792 April  2013
Donald, Bromley98798 June  2013
Left them smoking. Haven`t returned yet
karen, Edinburgh987927 July  2020
We have sprayed the house and are waiting to see the results when we next go back there. If it works ill give you a 10 for quality.
Terry, PETERBOROUGH99786 January  2021
Lesley, Harrow97795 October  2012
Had to put two "7"s as I can`t tell if the product has worked yet! Hopefully the moths will be eliminated and then I can `up` it to 10s!
Sue, Preston88881 November  2012
Only hitch was the lack of instructions about how to put the spray bits together and get it working (couldn`t get the liquid up the tube and didn`t want to risk the sucking approach). If I`d been at home I could have googled to check what to do, but in an empty house it was a problem. I`ve ended up using a plant spray - maybe including one with a small funnel would be simpler But please add instructions.
Eamonn, London10751025 April  2013
Used the fumigators yesterday, we`ll see if they work! No moths so far... Eamonn
LUCY, Richmond97887 May  2013
Cedar spray did not squirt very well
Hazel, Eastbourne107781 August  2013
although I know there are 3 types of moth, the pheromone strips have only caught one
Timothy, Cheriton Bishop888823 August  2013
Seems to have worked!
Phillip, HERTS88798 September  2017
Jill, Hythe88797 September  2020
Toby, alton1077710 June  2013
Michael, London887816 August  2015
Brodrick, Fenstanton779818 July  2018
Rosmond, London97787 September  2018
Delivered quickly but not yet sure how effective in getting rid of a food moth infestation- to be decided.
Elizabeth, London878825 January  2019
Just a very small point on the labeling on the product. Those sticky instructions that stick to themselves are very tricky to use. Perhaps a small printed slip for instructions would be helpful. I managed to get one to part so I could read the instructions. Others may not be so lucky. Easy to use product, seems to do the job.
Katie, LONDON88776 August  2014
Stefan, Chesterfield778828 April  2019
Ordered on Saturday night, arrived next Saturday morning,abit long No click and collect option any more
Leslie, Solihull788727 March  2020
Peter, Hatfield787727 March  2019
Rashida, Glasgow777715 June  2017
Edith, Plymouth885721 August  2017
Item is a little pricey but organic goods often are. Cannot comment on effectiveness as only just started using it. Bought it for carpet moths but bottle didn't list them so we shall see!
Katherine, Oxford76572 July  2020
Elizabeth, Richmond83949 May  2018
Cindy, London757510 March  2020
Maureen, Erith718811 April  2020
Helen, Stamford377514 August  2013
Wrong item delivered and had to ring for a replacement
Philip, YARMOUTH277623 May  2016
sprayer had leaked into packet, horrible sticky mess!

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