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Pheromone Clothes Moth Traps x 2

5.79  (6.95 inc. VAT) quantity:  
Pheromone Clothes Moth Traps x 2 are ideal for an organic method to kill and stop an infestation of clothes eating moths or for preventing a fabric eating moth problem.

These clothes moth traps use natural pheromones to attract and trap the male clothes moth. This prevents breeding with the female clothes moth and stops eggs being laid - it breaks the breeding cycle. It is the larval stage of the insect that does the damage to your woollen, cashmere, silk or cotton clothes and so if there are no eggs there can be no larvae.
  • Use in wardrobes, cupboards and drawers
  • Effective for up to 6 weeks after activation
  • No poison or chemicals - completely non toxic
Please note that we would always recommend the use of a combination of products to eradicate a clothes moth infestation. If you wish to be eco friendly and *green*, we stock an organic and natural clothes moth killing spray and killer powder. Please see below:

Also below are our Clothes Moth Control Kits that contain insecticidal products to eliminate clothes moths.

If you only want to prevent a clothes moth problem, we stock Herbal Moth Repellent Sachets as well as Red Cedar Wood Clothes Moth Repeller Balls and Rings, that can be placed in wardrobes, drawers and storage boxes give protection to your garments. Please see below:

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