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Stored Food Product Moth Control Kit

18.32  (21.99 inc. VAT) quantity:  
Stored Food Product Moth Control Kit contains products that will treat an infestation of food moths or that will prevent a problem with food moths in one room which is usually the kitchen.

Stored Food Product Moth Control Kit contains:

1 x Protector CIK Food Moth Killer Spray which is a flushing agent for seeking out and killing food moths in all the out of the way places that they like to live and breed such as behind white goods, such as fridges, cookers and dishwashers of the kitchen, behind kitchen plynths and around wall skirtings - contains natural pyrethrins and leaves a residual effect that continues to kill any insect that crawls over the treated areas for several weeks after the initial treatment.

1 x OA2KI Organic Food Moth Killer Spray made from natural plant extracts and ideal for use inside kitchen cupboards - remove all food stuffs first

1 x Demi Diamond Food Moth Trap + 3 x Glue Boards for use to detect or monitor an infestation of food moths. These traps contain a pheromone attractant that lures stored food product moths onto the glueboard

1 x Face Mask and Pair of Gloves

1 x Advice Sheet detailing where and how to use the pest control products contained in the kit

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