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How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

posted on 8 September 2020 | posted in Cleaning Tips

Clothes Moths live outdoors in birds nests and on dead animals but they can find their way into a property through open windows, doors or they can come in under the eaves or down the chimney.

Once indoors they can breed rapidly with the female carpet moth laying hundreds of eggs in dark out of the way places such as under cupboards or under heavy, immovable furniture. The eggs then turn into larvae that are creamy white caterpillars and it is this stage of the clothes moth that does the damage eating away at clothes and garments made of natural fibres such as wool, cashmere, silk and cotton.

If you have seen moths flying around and have found the larvae of this insect pest, you should inspect all rooms of your property to gauge the size of the infestation and then carry out a plan of attack!
  • De-clutter your wardrobe and drawers
  • Inspect all the garments you wish to keep and if needed, wash or dry clean
  • Thoroughly clean the inside of your wardrobe and drawers with a fresh smelling detergent
  • Apply an insecticidal or organic moth killing spray to the inside of your wardrobe and drawers
  • Re-place your clothes
  • Hoover the carpet and soft furnishings
  • Apply an insecticidal or organic moth killer powder under cupboards and under heavy, immovable furniture
  • Fumigate the room with a smoke fogger or smoke bomb [leave wardrobe doors and drawers open to allow the fumigating mist to infiltrate everywhere]
  • Finally to make sure your clothes remain free of problems with clothes moths, use traps and hangers as well as moth balls and rings to prevent another infestation
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