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Carpet Moth & Carpet Beetle Control Kit 1
Carpet Moth & Carpet Beetle Control Kit 1Carpet Moth and Carpet Beetle Control Kit 1 is a combination...

Clothes Moth Control Kit 1
Clothes Moth Control Kit 1Clothes Moth Control Kit 1 is a combination of pest control ...

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My Wardrobe Was Ruined By Moths

posted on 4 June 2012 | posted in Pest Experiences

On returning from my three week holiday to Mexico, I was horrified to see that my entire wardrobe of clothes was ruined by a moth infestation. It was a big shock given that all the clothes I had there I'd recently bought in just the last few months. A pest problem like this is the last thing you expect when you go away on holiday. You're usually pre-occupied with things like ensuring the house is locked up and secure, and that you've turned the gas off and other potential dangers. Moths? Well, prepare for them. We bought some moth repellants to avoid future problems - and I bought a whole new wardrobe of clothes too!

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