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Carpet Moth & Carpet Beetle Control Kit 1
Carpet Moth & Carpet Beetle Control Kit 1Carpet Moth and Carpet Beetle Control Kit 1 is a combination...

Clothes Moth Control Kit 1
Clothes Moth Control Kit 1Clothes Moth Control Kit 1 is a combination of pest control ...

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How to Get Rid of Carpet Moths and Carpet Beetles

Carpet Moths, Carpet Beetles and their Larvae cause problems to carpets and rugs making holes and leaving bear patches.

The Case Bearing Carpet Moth (Tinea pellionella) is pale brown / grey in colour with darker markings on the wings and it has a wingspan of about 15-17mm. The Variagated Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci) is white / brown / yellow in colour with a spherical shaped body that is about 2-3mm long.

However it is the larval stage of carpet moths and carpet beetles (wooly bears) that does the actual damage, feeding on mainly natural fibres such as wool or silk in a carpet or rug. The larvae will also eat away on other soft furnishings and clothes containing natural fibres.

Damage to fitted carpets will primarily be found around the edges of rooms and under static furniture such as sofas, cupboards and wardrobes, rather than in open areas where the larvae are more likely to be disturbed. If damage is being caused to a rug the larvae could be living anywhere in the rug especially if the rug is decorative and does not get much *foot traffic*.

Evidence of a Carpet Moth, Carpet Beetle and Larvae attack will be found as loose tufts of carpet fibres or bare patches in the affected areas.

Treatments to kill carpet moths, carpet beetles and their larvae can be very effective without the need to replace carpets but you will need a combination of Carpet Moth / Carpet Beetle Pest Control Products to fully eliminate and stop an infestation of these carpet eating bugs.

We have put together complete Carpet Moth / Carpet Beetle Control Treatment Packs and we supply individual products for your own personal choice of items to kill and get rid of these damage causing insect pests. Our range includes organic or insecticide sprays and powders along with fumigating smoke generators which are all professional standard products cleared for diy use.

Please note that in treating an infestation of carpet moths or carpet beetles, we would always recommend that you also smoke fog your loft or roof space area as these insect pests like to live in loft insulation and very often it is from these areas that carpet moths or carpet beetles have found their way downstairs and into your living areas.

Our tried and tested product range is below:

If you need any help or advice, please call 03330 119703 or send us an email info[@]

Bulb Dust and Powder Blower Bulb Dust and Powder Blower
Bulb Dust and Powder Blower is a hand held duster that allows you to apply our organic or insecticide carpet moth killing powders easily to reach all those out ...
23.32  (27.99 inc. VAT)
Application Equipment - Face Mask & Gloves Application Equipment - Face Mask & Gloves
Application Equipment - Face Mask and Gloves for use whilst applying a carpet moth pest control treatment.
Although our products do not normally require the ...
4.16  (4.99 inc. VAT)
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