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Carpet Moths Smoke Foggers x 20

58.32  (69.99 inc. VAT) quantity:  
Carpet Moths Smoke Foggers x 20 to fumigate against and infestation of carpet eating bugs.

Carpet Moths Smoke Foggers are easy to use and we recommend that you use these fogging smokes together with a residual carpet moth and carpet larvae killer spray and a carpet moth and carpet larvae (known as wooly bears) killing powder.

You need to use 1 x smoke fumigating bomb for each 30 cubic metres that you are treating such as a small bedroom.

Simply light the smoke fogger and the room will be filled with a fumigation smoke that will seek out carpet moths and carpet larvae in all the hideaway places that they like to live and breed. Make sure that windows and doors are closed before you begin your Carpet Moths Smoke Fogger treatment.

This Carpet Moth / Carpet Beetle control product does not stain fabrics or leave a smell.

In Stock.

We are suppliers of these Carpet Moths Smoke Foggers in different sized packs, please see below: