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Clothes Moth Killer & Control Treatment Pack 1
Clothes Moth Killer & Control Treatment Pack 1Our Clothes Moth Killer and Control Treatment Pack 1 is a co...

Clothes Moth Traps x 2
Clothes Moth Traps x 2Each Clothes Moth Trap contains an attractant to the male co...

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Carpet Beetle, Carpet Moth & Carpet Larvae Control Treatment Pack 1

20.62  (24.75 inc. VAT) quantity:  
Carpet Beetle, Carpet Moth and Carpet Larvae Control Treatment Pack 1.

Our carpet bug kit contains all the pest control products you need to kill, stop and get rid of a carpet eating moth problem in 1 or 2 rooms.

The Carpet Beetles, Carpet Moths and Carpet Larvae Treatment Pack1 consists of:

* 1 x 1 litre Cyperbug carpet bugs killer insecticide spray

* 1 x 100g Residex carpet insect killing powder

* 2 x Fortefog "P" Mini Fumers for a whole room fumigation treatment

* 1 x P2 Face Mask and Pair of Gloves

* 1 x Advice Sheet giving information on how and where best to use the products

Cyperbug Moth Insect Killer Spray is for a spot treatment of visible carpet beetles, carpet moths and carpet larvae bug insects. Cyperbug also leaves a residual layer which will continue to kill, stop and get rid of any fabric eating bug or other insect pest that crawls or lands on it for upto 4 weeks after treatment. Cyperbug can be sprayed on carpets and fabrics as well as hard surface areas. It is safe to use where young children and pets are present.

Residex "P" Carpet Insect Killing Powder is ideal for use around floor wall joints, under skirting boards and other hideaway places where fabric eating pests as well as other bug insects like to live and breed.

Forte Fog "P" Mini Smoke Fumers are for whole air space treatment for a room to allow a fumigation smoke to infiltrate into crevices to make sure you eliminate your carpet beetle, carpet moth and carpet larvae infestation or problem. We advise you leave wardrobe doors and drawers open for an additional effective treatment of killing, stopping and getting rid of fabric eating moths.

We supply a protective Face Mask and Gloves within this pack, which are not normally needed when applying our moth pest control products but they will protect users with sensitive skin or breathing problems.

We supply our Carpet Beetle, Carpet Moth and Carpet Larvae Control Treatment Packs in other sizes, please see below: